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Jiffy tables provide a smart solution for your multipurpose application areas like meeting and training rooms. Its unique horizontal nesting capability, easy mobility, and robust construction make Jiffy a versatile solution.

Jiffy tables provide an elegant solution for your meeting and training space requirements. Versatile and lightweight with features such as horizontal nesting and provision for wiring make Jiffy your smart and fast partner at work

Designed to fit in modern and contemporary work spaces, Jiffy offers features that make it truly fast, smart and an irresistible choice.

Key Features

  • Sleek, light and nestable – the Pause chair is a perfect match for the Jiffy table.
  • Lock key which is provided is used for flipping from horizontal to nesting position.
  • Jiffy tables can be flipped from nesting to horizontal position without lock key.
  • Handy utility tray Available in two sizes
  • Intuitive design
  • Single motion flip-up Horizontal nesting


60mm diameter with locking facility


Well designed powder coated leg with diameter 40/22mm

Table top

Special profile for space saving(minimum length 1500mm) Lock key arrangement for controlling the folding action Tables are foldable & stackable

Load capacity

60kg on tabletop (uniformly distributed weight)


Single motion flip up for horizontal nesting of the tables


Utility Tray below table works as storage option

design and comfort

All dimensions are in mm

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