SEARCH – The exclusive and comprehensive library storage solution entitled ‘Search’ is designed to store books and stand the test of time by protecting and treasuring the valuable words of knowledge. Sturdy, aesthetic and adjustable, Search meets the evolving needs and complements the looks of a modern library.
The most unique and striking feature of search is the high visibility of books wherein readers can quickly view the book titles while comfortably standing, especially at the lower level, since the bottom three shelves are inclined at different angles towards the user facilitating ease of viewing.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • The bottom three shelves of each unit are at a designed angle that enables quick locating of books/references
  • Quick identification of categories through A5 size acrylic signage board on the side of each module
  • Individual rack signage for easier sub-category identification
  • Suitable for books of different heights, since lower 2 shelves are 280 mm height, suitable for larger size books
  • Available with 3 bottom inclined shelves and 3 height adjustable top shelves to accommodate books of various size
  • Available in single sided and double sided confi­gurations with main and add-on modules
  • Each module is equipped with 6 levelers to take care of floor slopes

Immaculate detailing, well-­finished end caps and the outer frame of the rack in matching powder-coated finish add to the aesthetics.

It is the intricate detailing and functionality, which creates a practical design. The factors such as superior finishing, intricacy, and modularity along with overall structural framework, quality of material and inbuilt strength make search a perfect library storage system.

Structure The side, top and back panels are made of 18mm thick prelam particle board with lamination on both sides.
Frame Basic frame structure made out of 2
Design Bottom shelves tilted at various angles to enable quick location of books / references
15 degrees, 9 degree & 3 degree for bottom three shelves
Lower 2 shelves are larger to accommodate for bigger books
Accessories A5 size acrylic signage board on the side for defining categories
Option of individual rack signage for easier sub category identification
Flooring Equipped with 6 levellers to take care of any floor unevenness.
Finish All parts in matching powdercoated finish adds to the overall aesthetics

All dimension are in mm



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