Kingsley Premium

Rich and eloquent front contour table with the convenience of holding group discussions and meetings. Value adding to it is an interesting blend of colours giving a classy touch to manager cabins.

Back storage available with premium lock with wave key technology and bump on’s for door shutters for silent closure

Pedestal with premium central locking system with wave-key technology. The drawers have roller slide mechanism and casters for added mobility.

Side return table designed ergonomically for laptop/ keyboard usage. Round discussion table available with prelam understructure for that extra edge

Key Features:

  • Premium finish using prelam tops
  • Contrasting understructure in Grey finish to break the monotony.
  • Choice of table tops in aesthetically designed D™ shape.
  • Brings a Rich & Eloquent feel.

Awards and Certifications

Table Top 25mm thick Pre-lam particle board
Modesty 18mm thick Pre-Lam particle board
Gable ends 25mm thick Pre-Lam particle board of slate gray color
Pedestal Made of 18mm thick Pre-Lam particle board
Storage Made of 18mm thick Pre-Lam particle board

All dimension are in mm



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