GET2GETHER is a range of tables and chairs and an ideal choice for offices, cafeteria, restaurants or retail food chains.

It is a vibrant range of trendy breakout zone tables and chairs and it creates a cheerful ambience be it a quaint outdoor café or a busy office canteen. It is packed with exciting design features and long lasting durability and is available in wide range of sizes, finishes and colours.

Timeless square and circular shaped cafeteria tables that stand out with elegance to complement your ambience
Turn the tables on your busy schedules and arresting timelines by hanging out together.


Key Features:

  • Seamless membrane finish
  • Smooth round edge for better ergonomics
  • Under structure in stainless steel finish
  • Trendy and stylish cafeteria tables designed for lively interiors
  • Well suited for large and medium sized cafeterias
  • Available in different colors and table top options
Structure Table Choice of 25mm thick Prelam Particle board, Postlam Particle board or Membrane top
Understructure 4 pronged understructures mounted on a vertical pipe support is used
The pitch centre dia for the prong is 700mm & made of 2mm thick SS 202
The prongs are connected to a vertical pipe. The height of the pipe is 563mm
The plate connecting the pipe & table top is 2mm thick CRCA powder coated to 40-50 microns
The height of the plate is 20mm and has a dia of 400mm.

Rectangular Table

1800/1200 x 900 mm

Square Table

900 x 900 mm


900 mm dia

All dimension are in mm

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