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With innovation and design at the core of Wipro Furniture Business, it is our constant endeavor to serve our customers with the most appropriate product solutions. A team of talented and professionally qualified product designers and design engineers are continuously working on new products and solutions to keep pace with technological advancements in office spaces. To cut down the learning curve and provide our customers the latest in the office furniture arena from across the world, we also collaborate with world-renowned furniture designers.


Tim Wallace

TWd, London UK

Tim Wallace is a reowned British Furniture Designer. He has designed and developed several award winning products for some of the most reputed international furniture brands.

Tim Wallace is the designer for our award-winning Startline series


Eric Chan

Founder and Creative Director
ECCO Design, New York, USA

Eric Chan is one of the most influential contemporary designers in the world. With over 25 years of international experience in product innovation, design and consultancy, Eric has counseled clients in the sectors of office furniture, professional equipment and consumer products and electronics.


Conrad Marini

Founder & Director
CMM Design Associates, Toronto, Canada

Italian born and educated in North America in architecture and design, Conrad Marini has for 27 years designed and developed successful products for Major North American and European office furniture companies.


Claudio Bellini

Founder & Director
Claudio Bellini Studio, Milan, Italy

Claudio Francesco Bellini(1963) is a Milan based designer with graduation in Architecture and Industrial design at the renowned Politecnico University 1900.

He comes with a Strong background in design and creativity owning to his father  Mario Bellini, who counts as one of the most affluent figures in design history.

Many of his creations have received international design awards, among which the pres1igious  Red Dot, IF and  Good design award.

Claidio Bellini describes his creative process as mind adventure; free of any prejudice, animated only by enthusiasm, curiosity, and optimism.

His values and professional expertise are clearly expressed in his creations and work methods.

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